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“Red” Church

Komenského náměstí

Unique exhibition of Protestant art from the Period of Religious Tolerance: Thou Maketh Not an Engraving for Thyself. Thirty panels with reproductions of paintings on glass, book illustrations, decorative biblical inscriptions and art objects created in the milieu of the Protestant Church between 1781–1861.

Inside the Red Church you can quietly sit down in the pew and listen to organ music and the Cantate Domino church choir. In the baptising chapel you will see the Kralice and Melantrich Bibles and silver chalices. The differences between the Churches will be explained in the audio-visual programme Protestants in Brno. The biblical story of the Wedding at Cana will be narrated in words and images. The church will be lit by candles. The Diakonie centre will present its offer of services for seniors and its products. At midnight you will be invited to a religious service.

19.30, 21.30 Exhibition opening
18.30, 20.30, 23.30 Protestants in Brno
18.00, 21.00, 22.00, 23.00 Organ concert
19.00, 20.00 Cantate Domino choir
22.30, 24.00 Wedding at Cana