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Jiří Mahen Library in Brno

Opening hours 18.00–23.00

Schrattenbach Palace (Central library), Kobližná 4
Bouquet for the Family
18.00 Festive opening – inauguration of the exhibition The Fairy-tale World of Noémi Rácz; Tom Thumb – performance of the Paravánek theatre for the youngest spectators. In the magical set by the painter J. Fišerová played and sung (together with the children) by K. Rakovčíková and P. Putna.
19.30 Flowers Throughout Our Lives – fashion show prepared in collaboration with students of the Secondary Gardening School and the VOŠ of Clothes Design and Management as well as the Textile SUPŠ in Brno.
20.00 Collage of Songs by J. Suchý and J. Šlitr and Others – performed by students of the Studio of Musical Acting DIFA JAMU (teachers J. Janěková and D. Klementová).
21.00 Tap-dancing as You’ve Never Known It – performance of the No Feet dance studio whose members have become several times Czech champions in tap-dancing and finalists in the European and world championships.
21.30 The Bouquet – Erben’s collection of ballads rendered by the Divadlo na dlažbě theatre affiliated to P. Křížkovský Grammar School of Performing Arts.
22.30 Dance performance of the Merci ensemble
20.00, 21.00, 22.00 Guided tours of the Baroque Schrattenbach Palace with a little musical surprise.

18.00–22.00 Accompanying programme: Flower Arrangement with Exhibition – presentation of the Secondary Gardening School and Secondary Vocational School in Rajhrad
Exhibitions: Books by Paulo Coelho, The Fairy-tale World of Noémi Rácz and Life in Mothercare Centres (galleries)

Brno Museum Night visitors with babies can use the premises of the Family Point at the Jiří Mahen Library, Kobližná St. 4.

Mahen Memorial, Mahenova 8
18.00 Puss in Boots, a fairy-tale performed by the Koráb Theatre (in the garden or in the attic depending on the weather)
19.45 Útulek Theatre, improvisation on the theme of youth vs. grown-ups
21.15 Máša Kubátová sings
22.15 About Mothers, a short speech by Jiří Mahen acted out by Jan Zvoník (pre-recorded)

Free tour of the permanent exhibition: Jiří Mahen’s Study Room