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Museum of Romany Culture

Bratislavská 67

Permanent exhibition: The Story of the Romany People (1939–2005)
Temporary exhibition: Canvas for Big Black Eyes. Gipsies in the Work of Míla Doleželová (43 oil paintings, dozens of sketches and drawings)

18.00–19.00, 21.00–22.00, 23.00–24.00 Folk music of Marcel Kováč from Hrochot’, in the Slovak traditional region of Podpol’anie
18.15–19.15 Workshop: learning Romany songs with the musician and writer Gejza Horváth (for children and adults)
19.00–20.30 Workshop: making pictures from coloured sands (mosaic) following the original technique of the renowned Romany naïve artist Rudolf Dzurko (for children and adults)
19.30–20.30 Concert: Duo Bohemia, Berlin – song recital on gipsy motifs performed by Marta Vávrová (soprano), with piano accompaniment by Petr Vašíček
21.15–21.45; 22.45–23.15 Fashion show parading pieces of clothing from the museum collection with music accompaniment by the Paramisara band
18.00–22.00 Display and sale of products manufactured by Romany wooden-trough makers from eastern Slovakia (wooden dishes – troughs, bowls)
19.00–23.00 Tasting traditional Romany cuisine