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Moravian Museum in Brno


Dietrichstein Palace, Zelný trh 8
Permanent Exhibitions
Temporary exhibitions: The Known and Unknown Moravian Karst, Dora Müller – a Brno German, Stories of Things Around Us

18.30–22.00 Concert of the M.R.Swing big band (courtyard)
19.00–20.30 and 21.00–22.30 Programme in the paleontological permanent exhibition

Film shows in the conference room:
19.00 Scars of the Earth
20.30 The Oldest Story of a Town
22.00 The Mysterious Unicorn or fossils in legends and myths
19.30–20.30 and 21.00–22.00 Luminescence (light emissions) and radioactivity of minerals

Bishosp’s Court, Muzejní ulice 1
Permanent exhibitions
Temporary exhibitions: Beauties of the Tropics

18.00–24.00 Guided tours of the zoological permanent exhibition
18.00 Lectures on edible seaweed and food supplements with seaweed, examples of meals and their preparation, tasting food from seaweed
18.00 Fanfares from the balcony of the Renaissance portal

Anthropos Pavilion, Pisárecká 5
Permanent exhibitions
Temporary exhibitions: Rock Art and the Life of the Nomads in Central Asia in photographs by Pavel Lisý, Are You an Earthly or Divine Being? Woman in the Indian Visual Art Tradition

18.00–24.00 A tearoom in a yurt – refreshment in the form of excellent teas and water pipes
Arab coffeehouse in a yurt – traditional methods of preparing coffee shown and explained
19.00–22.00 The Onotopude music ensemble will accompany your tour of the permanent exhibitions with ethno music and shamanic drumming
18.00–20.00 DJ Matějka – Reggae, Dub, Ethno, “Jáhly sound“
20.00–20.50 Concert by the Propaganja band – world/reggae.
21.00–22.00 Concert by the Tokamak band – pop, rock, funk
22.00–22.30 Rahat Lukum – oriental dance, reggae fusion
22.30–23.30 DJ Matějka+TOKAMAK= Kru-Kru party in the rhythm of reggae/dub/breakbeat, pop, rock, funk...

Noble Women’s Palace (Ethnographic Institute), Kobližná 1
Exhibitions: The Year in Folk Customs and Feasts, Josef Šíma – Collector, Draughtsman, Photographer, Moravian Croats through the Lens of Othmar Ruzicka
Exhibitions for the museum night:
Marie Jirásková: “Pink” (basement)
JAMU: “Molitan Foams, an Exhibition of Objects” (2nd floor)

18.00 and 20.00 Guided tours of the Josef Šíma and Moravian Croats exhibitions
18.00–24.00 Presentation of the VOŠ for restorers and work by its students on collection items (1st floor)
19.00 and 21.00 Practical examples of restorer’s work by students of the VOŠ – ceramics, painting
20.00 Clowns: Pierre Nadaud – Uhňáku (the hall)
22.00 Zádruha cymbalom band (the yard)

Leoš Janáček Memorial, Smetanova 14
Audiovisual room, an exhibition dedicated to the composer’s masterworks and his fully preserved workroom.

18.00–19.30 Art workshop for children Janáček’s The Cunning Fox and a portrait of Janáček
20.00–20.30 L. Janáček: Moravian Folk Poetry in Song (A. Kučerová, J. Ondrejka, K. Mašlejová) – concert in Janáček’s workroom
20.30–24.00 Films about Leoš Janáček
21.00, 22.00, 23.00 Male choir TRUE LOVE (Janáček, Tovačovský, Kedrov, Kastalskij and others) – performance in the Memorial garden
18.00–24.00 Sale of postcards and publications on Leoš Janáček, commemorative stamp of the Leoš Janáček Memorial

Kralice Bible Memorial, Kralice nad Oslavou
Permanent exhibition: Works by Printers of the Unity of the Brethren
Temporary exhibition: The Labyrinth of the Life of John Amos Comenius

18.00–24.00 Guided tours, cultural programme
Please note that there is no MHD shuttle bus service to Kralice nad Oslavou!

Old Chateau in Jevišovice

18.00–24.00 Celebratory opening of the season in the chateau: newly-repaired courtyard, permanent exhibition Rock Art (chateau cellars), music programme (grand hall and courtyard in the chateau)
Please note that there is no MHD shuttle bus service to Jevišovice.