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Wannieck Gallery

Ve Vaňkovce 2

Main exhibition space: Stanislav Diviš – The Die Is Cast! Not a retrospective in the true sense of the word, rather an endeavour to give a representative overview of Diviš’s work over the past few years.

Gallery on the Bridge: Esther Stocker – a young visual artist who prepared a set of paintings which reflect her previous work. In her paintings, created using exclusively the colour black, white and grey, she applies complicated raster systems which form optically impressive structures.

Gallery behind the Wall: David Hanvald – a young artist who graduated last year from the VŠUP in Prague in the Studio of Painting under Stanislav Diviš. The exhibition will show a series of paintings created towards the end of his studies.

18.00–22.00 Art Studio Caspariade – art workshop to accompany the exhibition of Stanislav Diviš inspired by the Caspars series
19.00 and 21.00 Guided tour of the exhibition of Stanislav Diviš – by Richard Adam (artistic director)