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Sklepení Gallery

nám. Svobody 8

Exhibition: Gallia Romanica
Roman architecture and sculpture in France in the photographs by Zygmunt Świechowski. The exhibition presents 58 black and white photographs with examples of architecture and sculpture from the Roman period in France. The author is an art historian, one of the most respected experts on Roman art in Poland.

18.00–19.00 Courtyard: Museum Evening for Children. Competitions with prizes for all children who like history or at least like to play.
20.00–21.30 Courtyard: Concert by the French singer Joel Bros
Joel Bros follows the tradition of the French chanson, blues, rock ballads, infused with the influence of the temperamental music of the Franco-Spanish region (flamenco, Gipsy Kings) and in Moravia. Together with accomplished musicians from Brno (Klára Šmahelová – accordion, Petr Vít – flamenco guitar, Ondrej Olos – piano, Azar Abdou – percussion) he creates an original musical style that he calls bluemenco.

Visitors can buy publications issued by the National Heritage Monument Institute, as well as picking up some materials given away for free.